List of crimes by Iran against embassies

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List of crimes by Iran against embassies

 Iran’s record of  killing ambassadors and bombings against diplomatic missions

Iran has a record black  history of black in the murder of the ambassadors and the bombing here and a list of each


Iranian News picked Mwamrh to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States

And through reading Iran’s record does not rule out that the terrorist from Iran because it has precedents to carry out terrorist bombings and the assassination of Embassies and people against a number of countries

Iran has a history of black murder and the bombing of a convoy bombing, Sheikh Gabrrahmh God and the bombings in foreign embassies in Kuwait and Saudi consul was killed in Tehran and Pakistan and the hijacking of Kuwait

Iran is unprecedented murder against Saudi Arabia

To kill the Saudi consul in Tehran in the eighties
And the assassination of Saudi consul in Pakistan

But that what Iran is doing in Iraq through the tails
And in Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen and Kuwait

Even in Bahrain, were arrested on charges of Bahraini Minister of involvement in the process of laundering money for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards
During the writing of this period has been detected some cell involvement in the process of money laundering in Kuwait for Iran
The series of bombings and attacks on Kuwait, Iran

December 1983 … targeting a power plant in Kuwait, a roadside bomb,
December 1983 … a bomb blast targeting French Embassy,
December 1983 … a car bomb in Kuwait International Airport led to the killing of Egyptian artistic,
… December 1983 truck bombing targeting the U.S. embassy, ​​which killed 7 people and injured at least 37 people,
May 1985 … the bombing of a convoy of His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait, may God have mercy on him, and the death of soldiers, and wounded others.
… July 1985 bombing of the popular cafes in Wattayah, Salmiya, and the death of 11 people and injured 89 people,
April 1986 … a failed attempt to hijack a plane «Jabriya» after taking off from India,
June 1986 … three bombings in Al-Ahmadi oil complex by roadside bombs,
, 1986 hijacking of Kuwait … «Kazma» in her return from India, landing at an airport scene 3 days, and wounding a crew protection,
January 1987 AD … a car bomb next to the hotel «Meridian», during the Summit of the Islamic Conference in Kuwait,
January 1987 AD … a car bomb next to the station, fitness center of the capital,
October, 1987 … Iranian missile hits a building of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation,
October, 1987 … the bombing of the American lines «Pan American» car bomb in Kuwait,
November 1987 AD … the bombing of the U.S. insurance company downtown,
April 1988 … the bombing of the Saudi Arabian Airlines
April 1988 … hijacking «Jabriya» and landing in a scene, and then to Larnaca in Cyprus, and ended Houari Boumediene Airport in Algiers, killing 2 of the citizens,
May 1988 AD … a car bomb in front of the Kuwait Airways center of the capital.


A reminder of some of the crimes of Iran-backed

Hijacking a Kuwaiti plane at the airport in Beirut by a group calling themselves the sons of Sadr 24/2/1982
Assassination of Naguib Rifai Kuwaiti diplomat in Madrid 09/16/1982
Bombing of U.S. and French embassies and other facilities, Kuwait 12/12/1983
Bombing of oil tankers bound for Kuwait from Iran 13/5/1983
Attempted assassination of the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah, by blowing up his motorcade car bomb 25/05/1985
The bombing of oil storage tanks in Kuwait 7/6/1985
Bombing of the popular cafes in Kuwait 11.07.1985
Hijacking of Kuwait (Jabriya) 04/05/1988
There are many sporadic bombings and settled for Bibrzha above and the assassination of the first secretary at the Embassy of Kuwait to India Mustafa Al-Marzouq 4/6/1982
Attempt to assassinate Kuwaiti diplomat in Karachi Hamad Jutaili 16/9/1982
Makkah bombings carried out by
Shiites, who hold Kuwaiti citizenship
Recognition of the Shiite cleric Mohammed Ali Shirazi said Iran spying and interfering in Iraq and everywhere it is the guardian of Shiites

Arab Times October 15, 2004


Iran’s ambitions in Kuwait such as greed in the field of Durra

But greed and threats took multiple pictures
Iran has been resorted to three methods of coercion against the State of Kuwait:
Threat of force, and resort to the use of force.
A – at a low intensity (terrorism, political assassination, hijacking of aircraft).
B – the traditional strengths (crisis tankers 19,871,986).
3-interference in internal affairs by raising sectarian strife.
Methods and the threat of terrorism used by Iran, against Kuwait and the Gulf States / home Kuwaiti
Mkhrbeyen ááßÜÜćíĘíä bombers on orders from Iran
Faisal Ahmed Karam Neros.
Refinery gas project in the new gas Mina Al-Ahmadi
Nasser Mohammed Ali Hassan
Walid Mohamed Abdul Nabi Al-Mousa
Musa Saleh Mousa Al-Attar


Reminder of some of the culpability of crimes Iran

Hijacking a Kuwaiti plane at the airport in Beirut by a group calling themselves the sons of Sadr 24/2/1982
Assassination of Naguib Rifai Kuwaiti diplomat in Madrid 09/16/1982
Bombing of U.S. and French embassies and other facilities, Kuwait 12/12/1983
Bombing of oil tankers bound for Kuwait from Iran 13/5/1983
Attempted assassination of the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah, by blowing up his motorcade car bomb 25/05/1985
The bombing of oil storage tanks in Kuwait 7/6/1985
Bombing of the popular cafes in Kuwait 11.07.1985
Hijacking of Kuwait (Jabriya) 04/05/1988
There are many sporadic bombings and settled for Bibrzha above and the assassination of the first secretary at the Embassy of Kuwait to India Mustafa Al-Marzouq 4/6/1982
Attempt to assassinate Kuwaiti diplomat in Karachi Hamad Jutaili 16/9/1982
Makkah bombings carried out by
Shiite wise men who hold Kuwaiti citizenship
Abdul-Hussein Karam
Ali Kazimi
Baqir Ali
Sayed Hassan al-Husseini
Joseph Nokhitha
Ismail Jaafar
Sid-Ahmed al-Musawi
Abdul Wahab Baron
Hani electrode
Mansour Mahmeed
Abdullah Asad
Just Bahman
Saleh Abdul Rasoul
Hamad Dashti
Maytham Ashkanani
Aziz Shams

Not rule out that Iran is that the plot will mention in criminality lackeys of Iran in Iraq and the assassination of Hariri in Lebanon and support terror party against the Sunnis in Lebanon and support Houthis and network intelligence in Kuwait, Iran’s role in the bombings in Kuwait and Iraq in the killing of Sunnis, and in Syria, Yemen and support Houthis, Lebanon, in (Egypt), was arrested at an Iranian spy, after the revolution Almusriawaldzaúro Morocco, Nigeria and Jambia in the case of smuggling of Iranian weapons to those Atalavriqih to conduct terrorist operations.

In fact, Iran’s Intelligence Minister admits murder of 80 intellectuals and opposition as well as Shia clerics


U.S. authorities reveal an Iranian plot to try to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington

Tuesday, 13 November 1432 – October 11, 2011 m
Khashoggi’s “Arab”: UK will not tolerate the assault on the safety of its citizens
U.S. authorities reveal an Iranian plot to try to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington

Saudi Embassy in Washington and in the framework Adel Al-Jubeir

Dubai – Arabic. Net

According to court documents Tuesday that the U.S. authorities foiled a plot to bomb the Iranian Embassy in Saudi Arabia in Washington and the assassination of Saudi Ambassador to the United States Adel Jubeir. And identified the criminal complaint, which was unveiled in the Federal Court in New York name in the plot involved two men and two boys and Mansour Arbabsear Shakoury. The documents said that the men of Iranian origin, while the other Erbabsear U.S. citizenship. He said U.S. Attorney Eric Holder said that an Iranian detainee admitted involvement in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador and provided information on the involvement of actors in the Iranian government. The White House said that President Barack Obama had received information about the plot in the Iranian month of June, and announced that Washington would consult with its allies on the plot.
Embassy of Saudi Arabia condemns
He cited a statement to the Saudi Embassy in the United States that the project of conspiracy to the Saudi ambassador in Washington that the U.S. authorities announced Tuesday frustration is a “flagrant violation” of international agreements.
The embassy said in its statement that “the draft of this attack is a blatant violation of the standards and norms and international agreements is inconsistent with the principles of humanity,” expressing “gratitude” to the United States for foiling the attack.
In connection with the “Arab,” said the Saudi media Jamal Khashoggi, the kingdom will not tolerate the assault on the safety of its citizens, and expected to deepen the attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Iran, pointing out that this attempt Alaatdaúah may go a ball rolling between the two countries, he continued, “The Kingdom patient too much on the actions of a hostile Iran will not tolerate anymore. ”
Khashoggi said: “It is clear that there are elements close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard received orders directly from Tehran by keeping quiet during the operation before it can be ordered discovery.”
He considered that target the Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir comes as a very important diplomatic knows Washington well and excellent relations with the U.S. administration, and thus is a very important goal for the Iranians.
He added: “It was not the target of the operation planned revenge motive, and if so, to have the assassination of a Saudi diplomat in Karachi, but the Iranians have chosen a very difficult place, which means that they were targeting al-Jubeir, a person of its importance.”
Iran rejects accusations
For his part, refused to close adviser to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday U.S. accusations about Iran’s involvement in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, speaking on “fabricated scenario.”
Ali Akbar Javanfekr, media adviser to the Iranian president, “he fabricated a scenario to divert the attention of American public opinion from internal problems in the United States.”
The United States charged Iran in the Security Council

Chart image of the assassination of the Iranian ambassador in Washington, Saudi Arabia and the bombing of its embassy in Argentina … 634_171372.jpg

Mansour Erbabsear

London – Kamal Kobeissi

Authorities foiled the American Iranian plan, unveiled yesterday just to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, Adel al-Jubeir, inside a restaurant in the U.S. capital, as well as targeting embassies Saudi Arabia and Israel in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, revealed clues of an international process connected officially in Tehran, which placed in the climate of the decision to go to the United Nations and the Security Council to make a formal complaint against Tehran.
In the details revealed by Mhzationa U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, that the Iranian officials with high positions and members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Quds Force were involved in the plan to assassinate Al-Jubeir and “Implementation of an act of terrorism within the United States” had been planned at an international level and in coordination between groups of smuggling in Latin America and the people in the United States and Iran.

The headquarters of the Israeli Embassy in the U.S. capital

The plan, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F. Me. Any) and officials at the U.S. Department of Justice, designed to Ambassador Al-Jubeir assassination and bombings in the headquarters of embassies in Saudi Arabia and Israel in Argentina, according to a preliminary investigation, which included details of the principle, which it called the U.S. authorities, the “Alliance Red “to track down those involved.
And began, “Alliance Red” in the May / May this year when he contacted the Iranian-winning U.S. citizenship, Mansour Erbabsear, aged 56 years, Bmkhbr U.S. in the anti-drug U.S., and asked for his help to get support from drug trafficking group in Mexico to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, without the world that the detective is just plagiarized the character of a trader with a network of “Zetas” Mexican smuggling Almkhaddrati.
Therefore, the fastest laboratory and Petrochemical Industries Sector “thousands. Me. Aye,” which began to pursue Erbabsear, confessed after his arrest, officials with senior government positions in Iran, including one of his cousins, an army officer, they are at the top of the assassination plan in Washington and the bombing in Buenos Aires, through the power of special operations in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, it may be one of its elements relative Erbabsear officer in the army, according to what he believes U.S. officials were included Erbabsear and other Iranian is still a fugitive, and was a partner with him in the scheme, Ali Ghulam Shakoury, in a judicial complaint against them in New York on charges of conspiracy to murder foreign official and the use of weapons of mass destruction.
Included the case, along with Erbabsear and his partner, mouse, other Iranian believed to be from “Qods Force” and involved with them in the assassination plot, namely: Qassim Soleimani and Hamid Abdul fiddler and Abdolreza Hhlaa who were freezing their assets in the United States with Erbabsear and Shakoury which is believed to be in Iran now .
The Erbabsear met twice to the informant the U.S. before 3 months in Mexico, where he lured one million and 500 thousand dollars for the assassination of al-Jubeir, and gave him $ 100 thousand in the 1 and 2 August / August first batch to start the job, then left Erbabsear to Iran and returned to Mexico via Frankfurt, Germany September 28 / September last session of the final preparation of the assassination, which was to be in a restaurant frequented by al-Jubeir in Washington, blown through the reel for his father.
House, who lives in Texas where Erbabsaas
But Mexican authorities arrested him on entering the country and put him on a plane flew him to New York where he received the American authorities that the case revealed yesterday
According to investigations, the Erbabsear told the detective the U.S. that does not care about the death of innocent people not to cause damage that would result from attack on the restaurant when the Ambassador inside, tempting the laboratory to the possibility of people who communicate with them in the Iranian government “secure tons of opium for the drug cartels” as contained in the investigation file U.S. first.
Front and opened the case for American diplomacy after Iran officially this time, the State began its international since Tuesday to explain the tails and the circumstances that have already been briefed by President Barack Obama last June. Quoted, “CNN.. That” as well as the station “any. Me. C” and the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” and other U.S. media that the State is considering to go to the Security Council to lodge a complaint against Iran, and that the Treasury Department is considering further sanctions on Tehran, working with the Justice Department and intelligence agencies in the detection of all the tails and the level of knowledge and level of those involved from the Iranian government, which denied the whole story, and it called the “U.S. fabricated allegations,” according to the expression.
Iran has experienced operations of the bombing, Argentina is still accused to now aggressively elements with the 1994 bombing of the headquarters of the Argentine Jewish (illiterate) in Buenos Aires, who spent destroyed 85 people and affected the Jerouhat more than 300 others in the process was and remains the biggest “terrorist” taking place in Argentina in its history, and came two years after the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and spent about 29 and the reason Jerouhat and distortions of more than 200 people.
Expanded the “Arab. Net” for information about Erbabsear and his partner, Ghulam Shakoury, has found only on the marriage document Erbabsear of the U.S. seem to be a pray for Latino, named Martha Guerrero, where they were married in 1991, Texas, and after 6 years divorced Erbabsear.
Others involved .. Commander of the “Qods Force” in the foreground
The headquarters of the Saudi embassy in Washington was also a target
At the forefront of the charge refers to them in the U.S. of planning to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, is Qassem Soleimani, aged 54 years, a team in the Iranian army and the commander of Qods Force, known as the “Nیroی Jerusalem” in Farsi, the Corps continued the Revolutionary Guard.
Before, and the United States that accused Slimani of interfering in Iraq and destabilize security in it. As they described as one of the most important decision-makers in Iran’s foreign policy, and are considered a major influence in Iraq, it is believed that Soleimani is the one who gave the orders to Erbabsear prepare a plan to assassinate the ambassador, according to American investigations suggest it.
The second is Shahlaa Abdul Ridha, a senior officer in the leadership of the Quds Force and Revolutionary Guard, and spent the last year and some this year in the United States, where he was in the process of coordinating the assassination of Ambassador Mansour with his brother-Erbabsear.
Preliminary investigations indicate that Hhlaa is locked $ 5 million to Erbabsear for the latter to recruit the elements required by the entire process, from the assassination of Ambassador to the bombing of headquarters Alasranalah and Saudi embassies in Washington and Buenos Aires.
The third of those involved, Abdul Hamid is my God, is known as a part of Iran in the coordination process between the two in Tehran, planners and implementers in the United States, according to U.S. investigators say.
The U.S. Treasury Department froze in 2008, funds Shahlaa and Soleimani for submission of material support to Hezbollah and Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, a political parties and movements, which the United States organizations Barhabiyh, although it was not for any of the three any balance Mali in the United States.


Washington accuses Tehran of plotting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador has

Said U.S. Attorney Eric Julder on Tuesday, October 11 that the Iranian government was involved in a conspiracy to organize the assassination of Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi ambassador in Washington.
The Federal Court in New York has opened a criminal case in this matter.
Julder noted that “according to the criminal case, Iran has the processing and funding and directing the plot, which represents a flagrant violation of U.S. and international laws including the Convention on the protection of diplomats, the United States plans to hold Iran responsible for its actions.”
The document shows the case to the parking Iranians possess the nationality behind the U.S. and planning to conduct attacks against the embassies of Israel and Saudi Arabia in Washington as well as the Saudi ambassador to the assassination of two Ghulam Shakoury and Mansour Arbabsear.
Rumsfeld said that one of the detainees confessed to involvement in the plot, providing information about the involvement of the Iranian government as well.
This, and expressed the Saudi Embassy in Washington, thanks to the U.S. authorities foiled a plot to assassinate Ambassador Al-Jubeir, noting in a statement that “the plan to assassinate the Iranian ambassador flagrant violation of international norms.”
For its part, Tehran has denied the charge. Ali Akbar Javanvikr advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the media that the charge to try to distract the American public from domestic problems.
He added: “It’s a common fabricated fully designed to distract the community’s focus on internal problems of the United States.”
Details in the following report:

Murder and assassination style is always enjoyed by Iran and has contacted the most serious drug cartel weapons in Mexico and hired to assassinate the ambassador and the bombing of the Saudi embassy in Washington and Pierce Aires in Argentina. To look a little back and find that the Iranian revolution, stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979, bombing of the U.S. embassy in Beirut in 1982, involvement in the killing of Saudi diplomats in Thailand in 1990, and the list goes on … All this is done by mafias or Rtelz even Iran denies it and thus play the role of the poor. Targeting the style of Iranian embassies and exported to their collections abroad. Attempted murder of an Iranian ambassador was almost like a message sent that there was no one in any country, but Nsata and access to him and especially those who are obstacles in the
The face of the Iranian project

And is known that the Revolutionary Guard with ties to drug cartels and money laundering in Latin America

Sheikh Ali Al Amin, Hezbollah accuses the drug trade / Hariri was killed because he is against drug cultivation


Al-Rai number 11794 – 16/10/2011 Print

Iranian officials are talking about «the ability of home» on the occupation of Saudi Arabia and the assassination of its leaders

| Tehran Ahmed Amin |

Stepped up political and parliamentary circles of its tone towards the United States and Saudi Arabia after the accusations made by two of Iran’s involvement in the assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador in Washington, Adel al-Jubeir, the embassy building and the targeting of Saudi Arabia.
In this regard, the response member of the parliamentary committee for national security affairs and foreign policy Mohammad Karim Abedi, the remarks, Prince Turki al-Faisal, who stressed «the need to punish Tehran for and respond to their involvement in the conspiracy», said: «The question that I call it, is whether he sees that they have the ability to respond to Iran? Not in a position to know that Iran, once Maazmt, that rob the security of the system in Saudi Arabia? », He added:« Saudi officials must bear tax charges Saqoha to Iran ».
And MP on the fundamentalist «Iran’s military forces capable of, if you intend to Tehran to take any step against Saudi Arabia, the occupation of the kingdom’s territory with ease».
In the same context, the chief of «the headquarters of Amar’s Strategic Report of cultural and political» conservative cleric Mehdi Taúb, to be his country’s link of conspiracy on the lives of the Saudi ambassador to the United States, and said: «We do not need to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, while we need to assassinate someone, we have the elements of the assassination of the leaders of Saudi ».
And carried the news agency «Knight» close of the Revolutionary Guard, the Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir confirmed «he leads the activities and schemes planned against Iran», and continued: «I have poured Adel al-Jubeir his efforts to direct policy hostile to Iran, especially with regard to the so-called conspiracy of Iran to assassinate him and that and described the Iranian terrorism, and became this time talking about punishing Iran, which will not get away from it, as he put it ».
In contrast, Saudi Arabia has warned yesterday that it will not allow any tamper with the security and safety of pilgrims during the Hajj season this year.
Khaled al-Faisal, Emir of Makkah Region Chairman of the Central Hajj Committee during a press conference: «We will not allow anything that disturbs the Hajj pilgrims or troubled thoughts, and therefore will not allow any tampering, riot or chaos in the pilgrimage season or in the other». He said al-Faisal, who heads the committee charged with overseeing the affairs of the Hajj, which is expected to coincide the launch of this year on the fourth of November «for the security challenges in the pilgrimage, I previously said we have heard and will hear in this year’s Interior Minister said the most important responsibilities of this country is to maintain the convenience of Haj and tranquility and security ».
Khamenei, speaking yesterday in western Iran (AFP) Saudi Arabia request the United Nations Security Council briefing regarding the «ugly conspiracy»
| TEHRAN – Ahmad Amin |
Rejection of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei yesterday, Washington’s accusations «absurd» of his country, of masterminding a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States Adel Al-Jubeir, which interviewed by Saudi Arabia at the request of the United Nations informed the Security Council regarding the «conspiracy» assassination of Al-Jubeir.
Khamenei said in a televised address on the occasion of a visit to the west of the country that the United States «fabricated a complete story in recent days, including the accusation ridiculous for a number of Iranians (…) has accused Iran of supporting terrorism, but this type of plot will not succeed in isolating» Islamic Republic.
And the face of American courts Tuesday to charge Iranian citizens planning to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, in a process orchestrated by Tehran.
The Supreme Leader said that «the United States want to use this to confirm the accusations that Iran supports terrorism, but the plan did not succeed and will not work» He addressed for the first time explicitly this issue.
He said the United States «manufacture rather frequently in the form of this type of plots is feasible and useful. They say they want to isolate Iran, it will not make it. Are isolated ».
In Riyadh, said «The official Saudi Press Agency» (SPA) yesterday, the «Mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York issued a press statement announced that she had formally requested the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon to take the Security Council regarding the heinous plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States ».
In the same context, denounced the General Secretariat of the World Muslim League «heinous plot» of the assassination of Al-Jubeir.
«Suspicious relationship» between the Bahraini Hassan Mushaima and a DEFENDANTS attempt to assassinate Al-Jubeir
Dubai – «Arabic. Net» – sources added that the boy Shakoury, a member of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and a main suspects in the case of the attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, Adel al-Jubeir, was connected to exhibitions Bahrain extreme Mushaima.
The sources said that Shakoury was the Iranian leaders, whom he met in Beirut Mushaima, on his way back to Bahrain last February.
The Mushaima is currently serving life imprisonment after a failed coup attempt in Bahrain, announced the establishment of «the Islamic Republic of Bahrain», like «Iranian experience».
The «Washington Post» revealed in a previous report, citing U.S. officials, that Shakoury involved in the failed coup attempt in Bahrain, and attempting to overthrow the government, through the Qods Force of the Revolutionary Guard, in cooperation with his followers in Bahrain.
The paper said Shakoury has to do with recent events in Bahrain, also had a link in the scheme of the Quds Force in Bahrain.
On the other hand, newspaper «New York Times» in the report of the writer Robert McKee, one of the conspirators in the case of the Iranians attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, also played a key role in the events that occurred in the Kingdom of Bahrain earlier this year. The newspaper quoted a report by Roy Gotham from a Mac Klache newspapers, that the Saudi intelligence services have conclusive information to prove the involvement of one of the conspirators in the attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the unrest in Bahrain. She stressed that Shakoury named in the indictment issued by the U.S. Department of Justice, that the Iranian official involved in the assassination attempt, and said that he «was known to the Saudi government as a Iranian officers who have taken to support Iran in the Kingdom of Bahrain, when the unrest began early this year ».


Iranian cleric than all the “red lines”: if we want to Aghtlna King Abdullah

Added on: 16 – 10-2011

In the inflammatory statements, with the tone of the challenge, and show malice Iranians on the Kingdom and its leaders, he said, Iranian cleric extreme: that Iran could assassinate the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz – may God protect him – if they wanted to, according to the website of Radio Free Europe, adding that the site of Iran, which the transfer of those statements was quick to remove them, but they still exist in other locations.
According to the site American radio, it has developed that the statements made by Iranian cleric radical Mahdi Ok, on the website for “club Iranian journalist” on Saturday, which he said: We do not need to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, but if we want to murder anyone, we have the ability it, including the King Abdullah himself.
Site and removed the comments, and said that it is not reliable and should not be used, but these statements are still found in several locations, including the location, “Aftab” news of Iran.

Monitor the execution of the series mobile

Iranian black book: the assassination ordered state

Car Shahid Hassan Al Qahtani after he had been affected by treachery
Riyadh – (Riyadh)
Elaph electronic publication on the following information about Iran’s efforts in the areas of murder yesterday and below, a chronology of the most prominent assassination of the Iranian regime is accused of involvement in:
– June 4, 1989: the assassination of named Ataollah Ahmadi Bay in Dubai, a former colonel in the Iranian intelligence one of the leaders of the Iranian opposition in Paris, and that by the Iranian intelligence component called the largest Hassan Kabiri showed me, who lured the victim to Dubai under the pretext of meeting with him.
– 1991: the assassination of another Prime Minister under the Shah (Shahpour Bakhtiar) in Paris by Iranian intelligence component called Ali Vakili Rad.
– April 10, 2003: the assassination of Iranian dissident cleric «Mr. Majid al-Khoei» by a member of one of the groups sent to Iraq under the cover media.
– August 2003 in the assassination of Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, head of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq planned by the named Ali Mohammed Ali Agha Mohammadi, who was at that time as Vice-Chairman of the Radio and Television of Iran, to coincide with the start of the attack, the U.S. military in Iraq, where he to form a security team under the guise of reporters and photographers to Baghdad, is said to be members of the team have played a role in the assassination of Ayatollah Hakim and other incidents in Baghdad.

Rafik Hariri

– February 14, 2005: Assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister «Rafik Hariri» in an explosion at the passing convoy in one of the streets of Beirut by Hezbollah, Iran and was involved in the case, an officer of the employees of the Revolutionary Guard was called Darwish Sharifi, who was killed the other in an accident artificial traffic occurred in the city of hairless in the province of Fars on 15 December (December 2010).
– April 17, 2011: incited the representative of Iranian Supreme Guide to the Foundation Kayhan Press named Hussein Shariatmadari, in an article on the assassination of figures of Saudi Arabia in various countries around the world under the name «executions revolutionary», especially government figures and the Saudi social living in the United States and Europe in retaliation for the alleged murder of Shiites Bahrain by Saudi forces.

– May 16, 2011: Saudi diplomat was killed in the Pakistani city of Karachi «Bin Hassan Al-Qahtani Misfer» while on his way to his office in the Saudi consulate after someone on a motorcycle fired shots on it.
– August 7, 2011: accused Shiite politician Iyad Jamal al-Din, a member of the Liberal Party and the Iraqi government, Iran’s Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards linked to trying to assassinate him planting an explosive device in the garden of his home, a reference to the position of the anti-Iran’s policy toward Iraq.

– October 12, 2011: The Minister of Justice, the U.S. arrest of a U.S. citizen of Iranian descent named Mansour Arbab Sayyar charges of seeking to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington «Adel al-Jubeir,» he said, adding that the accused was a link Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, also accused in the same case a person other Iranian residing in Iran and Ghulam Shakoury where they were planning in addition to the assassination of Ambassador to the embassy bombings, Israeli and Saudi Arabia. According to U.S. authorities that the defendant «Mansour Arbab Sayyar» left Iran on 28 September to Germany and then to Mexico but the Mexican authorities prevented him from entering the country and sent to New York.


Whichever is the Iranian regime that brought together Akhtraly Bakhtiar or Adel al-Jubeir ??!.. Comparison between the two
Wednesday, October 19, 1 / 2011 Okrudolf

Abdullah poor

Raised these days – and naively – the argument promoted by Iran’s agents for the purpose of the assassination of Iran’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia!!
The other argument says that the Iranian intelligence “intelligent” that the assassination attempt “ridiculous” and “stupid” which have been exposed!!
Today we will review with you some of the assassinations adopted by Iran (or customers) officially, do you really know the operations were carried out by Iran, “smart” to rule out the involvement with the idea of ​​trying to assassinate Adel al-Jubeir on the grounds that the plan was “stupid”?.
Was it al-Jubeir, less “dangerous” on Iran from the rest of the characters that Aghtaltha Iran even denies trying to kill him??.
When we were first alerted to the danger of the strong relationship between a client America, first in Iraq, Ahmed Chalabi and Hezbollah in Lebanon, some people consider to conveniently use just “legends” or “rumors” to tarnish the image of Hezbollah in the eyes of some people!!!, And when we wrote an article Banaon “scenario of the six birds!!, Ahmed Chalabi and the story of Scud missiles that Hezbollah crossed into !!!”* laughed some wonder what is in it, especially from the point of Chalabi’s relationship with Hezbollah, even though they could not deny the facts that we have mentioned about the relationship between Chalabi U.S. arms company “Noor America!”,
Then, when we said that Chalabi was the one responsible for the assassination of Hariri,
And wrote an article entitled “Will Ahmed Chalabi Hassan Nasrallah disclosing your password?!” We have talked about the difficulty that Hassan Nasrallah disclose information that could raise suspicions about the responsibility of Ahmed Chalabi in the Hariri assassination, expressed surprise at some more,
But Astgrapathm increased when Nasrallah declined to actually mention the “Secrets” by declaring that vowed not to do!!.
Today may show the video and audio Chalabi’s relationship with Hezbollah and its close and strong to the extent that Hezbollah nominated him to lead a public campaign and the media to support Bahrain’s Shiites embraced Hezbollah and devoted his channel “Al-Manar” to defame her!!.
Manifestation of that Asrh that as long as Hezbollah tried to keep it hidden, showed clearly the overall picture of the structure of crime upon which the Party of God, and his successor, Iran, which complements the centered triangular and a Asrtin not carrying evil despite the fact that Hezbollah did not deny or Istrha, and are linked to Hezbollah Panes debate and its relationship to Abu Mahdi Mohandes,
This trio, “Chalabi – Abu Mahdi Engineer – amiable discussion.”
Is the trio responsible for the planning, management and implementation of all the criminal acts for Iran, and projects in the region (Anis debate in the planning and engineer in the administration and Chalabi in the implementation).
Interesting to note that Iran has withdrawn this trio of markets, “the media” since their relationship came to light that the assassination of Hariri, and so suddenly disappeared from the media after they appear periodically in!.
Hhpoura evidence of the assassination of “barbaric” recognition of Iran as Ahmadinejad!!:
Days before and on one of the famous satellite TV said Ahmadinejad, saying ((assassinations of the characteristics of the culture and who do not have logic. The Iranian people, civilized and cultured “.)).
Today will prove to Ahmadinejad and Khamenei and all the defenders of “patent” Iran and “civilization” that Iran is just a nest of mafia and organized gangs, according to a scale Ahmadinejad himself!!.
In 1980, Bakhtiar was another that brought together the Prime Minister of the pre-Khomeini revolution of a failed assassination attempt carried out by the amiable discussion,
((And amiable tells discussion attempted assassination of Bakhtiar and the reasons for failure and says:
“The beginning was the fear of a coup attempt in Iran to return the wheel back and abort the Islamic revolution … and show the Americans that brought together with Bakhtiar and the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and other parties agreed that the coup in Iran possible. The link is brought together all Bakhtiar and a number of army officers. “When the information became more serious it is required that we move quickly to Njhi attempted coup before it happened, because even if the failure of the coup will lead inevitably to massacres.” And after making sure that the information issued its decision on the execution to be carried out Bakhtiar, Iranian. And finally it became clear that Bakhtiar was in France, not in England as they think. Here necessary to assume that it’s “friend” instead of Iranian people. “We were of the need to speak French … and I was the scheme of the process and to make it work I decided to be myself at the head of the group ….”))
((And the debate continued his story, speaking of a reason of failure refers to the role is the concept of a cleric and an Iranian official Bdmoath known when he was responsible for the courts of Iran after the revolution. Said:
“The plan was very good but unfortunately before the date of implementation of Ayatollah Khalkhali – I do not know why – he sent a group to Paris of the execution that brought together Bakhtiar and then gone repeating that he had sent another group behind the Shah to his execution and sent Carlos to Latin America, he did not see Carlos time in his life … I found, during the investigation of the jail, said French intelligence was looking for us … It was better in those conditions to stop the process and postpone it to a later stage. But fear of the coup that began on time is approaching … we were forced to run the risk that the head of the snake and strike immediately …. ”
The result of the attempt clash with police who were guarding the house may have occurred in its ranks a number of victims among the dead and wounded, and killed one of the inhabitants in the building without being targeted.)).
This is one of the most secret operations carried out by Iranian intelligence,
Where do you find any intelligent “supernatural”??,
But where do you find anything that could be described as “intelligent”?, The least that can be described by the process of Iranian intelligence, “smart” is that it is “stupid with premeditated!”.
The links between the assassination attempt on Bakhtiar and Al-Jubeir:
There are three links there are similarities between the assassination attempt on Bakhtiar and the attempt to assassinate Adel al-Jubeir as follows:
* The first point is – and as recognition of Anis Naccache – use of the Iranians with people of other nationalities to perform this operation (and known that this process helped the Lebanese, Palestinian and Iranian), in the attempt to assassinate Al-Jubeir is known that the process was built, that the process drug traffickers, Mexicans and Arabs ” Chaldeans. ”
* As for the link the other is the disclosure of “Khalkhali” which is one of the leaders of the Khomeini revolution, disclosure of the secret assassination attempt on Bakhtiar, symbolically, he announced proudly that they were sent to get rid of Bakhtiar and the Shah, and we find in the assassination attempt Adel al-Jubeir, a repetition of the same event, months ago, said one aide Khamenei, they are able to liquidate liabilities, a statement said, similar to “Khalkhali!”.
* As for the third link is in terms of the goal and its importance, Fbaatrav amiable discussion, the reason for them assassinated Bakhtiar Bakhtiar is an alliance with the Americans with Saddam Hussein (!) In order to create a military coup against the regime of Khomeini,
Even the Iranian intelligence and extreme fear of coup attempt that accelerated in the implementation of the assassination, even with the failure to complete all the requirements of its success.
Here, we know that one month is narrated documents and Chaeliks Adel Al-Jubeir is a call for Americans to topple as soon as the Iranian regime and the elimination of “head of the snake”, where Iran is Adel al-Jubeir as the focal point in coordinating with war, especially since it was the most close to Bandar bin Sultan head of Saudi intelligence.
* The fourth link is the process of disclosing the secrets of this process,
Within the CV for the amiable discussion we learn that he has had the greatest role in the foiled attempt to assassinate the U.S. ambassador in Lebanon!!, Where ((contributed in a number of special operations within the “area outside of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,” and thwarted the operations of many others he saw it as a threat for the security of the Palestinian revolution …. ”
Examples of this (foil l) attempt to assassinate the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, William Godla 1972, where longstanding debate to deliver the news to the commander of the late Palestinian Fatah Khalil al-Wazir (Abu Jihad), which requested the late leader Ali Hassan Salameh (Abu Hassan) to inform Americans .
Was shot down as well as the assassination of the French military attache in Beirut, “Burkona” When I know the leader of the PLO and Fatah leader Yasser Arafat about it Voousel the news to the French .. As well as other events is not so.)).
Here, we note that elements of the Iranian intelligence and its customers, led by Anis debate has had a prominent role in the failure of many assassination attempts that were aimed at Americans or the French (although they claim that they are enemies!),
Here we can link this to strengthen what we have to disclose secrets about the attempt to assassinate Adel al-Jubeir by agents belonging to Iran,
And specifically what we have at the end of our article on the role of the latter, “Michel Aoun” in leaking information about the process!!.
Only that you remember the following:
Anis is a debate that Saudi Arabia and “Wahhabism” in general are the first enemy, if not sole, especially Itbaha as a foiled attempt to assassinate the U.S. ambassador in Lebanon!!.
Anis debate is involved with Carlos and “German” two in a kidnapping and Ministers of the Organization “OPEC,” and that their goal first was ((((was scheduled as it was said later to take the Ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia to an Arab capital proposed to Baghdad or Aden and put to death there, after get $ 5 million from each of them an amount equal to the payment of Lebanese organizations hostile to the National Front during the civil war.)). The goal is to any execution of the Saudi oil minister and Iran (Iran under the Shah at the time).
And amiable discussion was an outline of the assassination of Rafik Hariri, and particularly a paragraph about “deception plan” which included throwing the charge on the base and the promotion of the media, with all this entails is immoral and contrary to “morality knights.”
And amiable discussion is proudly that he threatened Hariri padded that it not following the U.S. behind the Saudi project in the region.
Anis and the debate is who says that he is in prison in France affected by ideology and Sufi Ibn Arabi and Khomeini !!!!.
Anis and debate had been living in France as it was Khomeini and Michel Aoun live !!!!.
Simple comparison
Between the failed attempt to assassinate Bakhtiar and the failed attempt to assassinate Al-Jubeir
Could the answer to many questions, “frivolous” promoted by the Office of “follow-up information” on Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, which is trying to deny Iran’s relationship to that attempt by denying Iran’s interest in it or by saying that the operation was “stupid” of assassinations in which a Revolutionary Guard, which is “an excuse worse than sin,” because it bears the implicit accusation that Iran is practicing terrorism in its ugliest form!!!.
We have developed methods of the Iranian intelligence over the past years, especially when mutual Chalabi, Abu Mahdi engineer and the debate in the leadership of its external operations, and for this we will address later to some of the paragraphs of “smart” in the assassination attempt on Al-Jubeir, which tried the Western media – in defense of Iran – that Esfhaa!!! .
The way, Bakhtiar was then survived two assassination attempts, most recently in 1990 led to his death, where his body was found stabbed multiple stab wounds, meaning it assassinated an appeal, has been arrested at his killer, “Iranian” and spent French prison that was released a while ago in a deal exchanging suspicious between sponsor Khomeini “France” and Iran!!.
The argument was amiable debate in his attempt to assassinate Bakhtiar is his alliance with Saddam and the U.S. to overthrow the rule of Khomeini, what was the argument of the Iranian regime in his life after ten years on that argument ????.
Peace be upon you


Dorahmad Chalabi in the attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador .. Confidential information the U.S. administration refuses to detect!

Thursday, October 13, 1 / Okrudolf 2011 11:24 | | |

Abdullah poor
I have long ago we told you the danger of Iraq’s new Magi to the national security, especially the Arab and Islamic world in general,
And we told you about the role that risk will play a new intelligence and Shiite militias in the implementation of “terrorist” acts, which will target the Arab and Islamic interests, especially since the risk of these militias is that they will use Iraqi parties in the implementation of Iran’s plans!!.
Scheme to target the Saudi ambassador to America is not new, has been uncovered clues and lines since the initial implementation of the eighth month (August), two months before,
The U.S. authorities know it and its details, since that time, but declined to publish the details is not out of fear for Saudi Arabia or Iran, but, fearing for their customers new in Iraq who became today the spearhead of “democratic model” that America wants to preach in our Arab region!!!.
* Details of the U.S. authorities are afraid of their publication!!!:
Details that refuse or are afraid U.S. authorities published on the outline of the attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington is the involvement of big band estimated sixty people, mostly Iraqis, as published by the Western media and Arab at the time that the news did not notice him in a timely manner:
((Arrested by police in California, U.S., on Friday, 60 people, including out of Iraq within a network of crime and drug trafficking, while seized possession of weapons and explosives and a quantity of narcotic substances. Police said in a statement that “California police arrested 60 people and dismantled a network of Iraqi of the crime accused of selling drugs and automatic weapons and homemade bombs through a social club for immigrants, “indicating that” the campaign launched by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and local police targeted a network operating in (the Cajon), which is located near San Diego and adjacent to the border with Mexico. “The statement added “The network includes members of the Iraqi assets and is suspected of having links to a gang of organized crime was established in the early eighties in Detroit, Michigan,” adding that “this group had historical ties with the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico and Mexican Mafia and the gang of Mexican – American in prison.” The statement that “the investigation which lasted six months, led to the seizures of the drug marijuana, methamphetamine and Aleixtasa, heroin and other drugs, were also seized more than 630 thousand dollars and three luxury cars, 34 firearms, including automatic rifles and semi-automatic as well as four improvised explosive devices.” The statement noted “The investigation came after complaints of criminal activity in the social club of Iraqi immigrants in the Cajon over the years on the sale of drugs, gambling, prostitution is not authorized”)).
Raid den occurred at half past seven pm on Wenesday (19 \ 8 \ 2011), has remained silent the U.S. administration on the details, and tried to give the impression that those working in drug and crime “only” unlikely to have any link to any of the organizations described ‘terrorist’!!!.
Match the date of this event with the claim by the Minister of Justice Almraki details of the attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador enough to know some of what they are trying to conceal it, especially as they have become used to such a secret for targets God knows (since I read news of the arrest of that group a few months ago and I Atrbes news, the scientific something that stands behind it!).
* Why the U.S. administration has ruled out a link of this group to al Qaeda???
Simply because most of these are (Christians), specifically from the Iraqis, “Chaldeans”,
And they had fled to that area since the eighties of the last century and set up relations hyperlinks with criminal organizations and the mafia, authorities have attempted to U.S. hard not to link this community organizations “terrorist”, even when reported by some media that “Novell Noel Solomon”, one of the members of the group had charged him with possession of illegal weapons found in his possession ((destruction of the device, a pipe bomb containing nails ))!!.
* It is known that the Christian Michel Aoun is one of the biggest allies of Hezbollah,
But that dog Cross in Lebanon, “Bishara Shepherd” has recently revealed a close link between the Church and the Vatican and between the Shiites and Hezbollah in particular,
* What if the U.S. authorities insisted on denying a link that group to “terrorist organizations” in particular the claim is always classified as Iran and Hezbollah as “terrorists “???.
* Alqasamh came when it was revealed that some of the people arrested were from the Shiite Iraqis, not only from the Chaldeans!!
And they are connected to another network was revealed after the day based on what has been recognized by the first set,
Where after two weeks, and specifically in (1 \ 9 \ 2011) dropped by U.S. authorities arrested a network of 13 Iraqi mission vehicle theft and transported to Iraq via Canada, where ((newspaper reported “a Gazette of Canada”, U.S. authorities announced the “dismantling of the network large to steal rented cars, and the arrest of 13 people, including women, ranging in age from the 24 to 59 years in the states of Michigan and California, for the transfer of stolen goods and conspiracy. ”
The U.S. authorities that the luxury cars and SUVs leased entered across the border from the United States to Canada, noting that the investigation lasted two years and took the name “Operation Hot Wheels,” according to the newspaper .))..
((And U.S. authorities revealed that “the tenants have reported to the police alleging that the car had been stolen, but in fact they know exactly that it exists inside the container in Canada to be shipped to Iraq,” according to the newspaper.)).
(See this link:
The network of Shia, some recent,
And most of them who Astkdmanm the U.S. military from the Rafha camp after the expulsion of Iraq from Kuwait,
The U.S. and Chalabi specifically depends on them to win and recruit agents in its war on Iraq, and who provided valuable service in this area when they were able to recruit hundreds of customers who have become America today oversees Iraq through them!!.
* The strange thing
The news last say in the terminus e ((The anti-terrorist unit in the (FBI) conducted a few years ago an investigation and wide to track theft rings cars stationed in the United States, having discovered the possibility that some of the cars used in the bombings in Iraq, stolen from the U.S. Nations, according to information made by senior government officials.)),
That is, they tried to link the car bombings in Iraq and among this group, but said in the past denied any connection to terrorism that group!!!.
* Tragic news for Shiites and Hezbollah and the owners personally
Is a link that group client Ahmed Chalabi personally,
The Administration informed the U.S. Nouri al-Maliki, the role of that group and their plans and that was including doing some acts of sabotage in Bahrain, which is on the track odds “virtual” between Maliki and Ahmed Chalabi is not love in Bahrain, but because of receipt of the name al-Maliki and his party in the case, especially after I told him The U.S. administration, Ahmed Chalabi, the ship stolen cars from America and shipped to the Arab countries for the purpose of carrying out sabotage, and that the ship aid was Ahmed Chalabi and Moqtada al-Sadr, were eager to conduct to Bahrain was loaded with much of the explosive material of high-impact and light weight Chalabi was intended to move to Bahrain .
(Note that Ahmed Chalabi and his network specialized in the smuggling of cars was responsible for shipping the car used for the assassination of Hariri, and we were the first to reveal the relationship between Chalabi client America first in Iraq and Hezbollah, the relationship, which is Hezbollah denies, denies relationship with Chalabi to that it happened a few days ago when Al-Manar TV broadcast a concert of solidarity Ndmh Chalabi help Hezbollah to help Bahrain’s Shiites!).
* Why was revealed the news today?:
U.S. authorities have learned the details of an assassination attempt in charge of Bahrain and Saudi Ambassador months ago,
Why did not announce the results in a timely manner?,
The secret lies in the plane sailing threw the Saudi authorities arrested a few days ago which said that it was carrying drugs, and we wrote at the time an article entitled “” We identified a lie and a cheese Saudi authorities began to suggest that the aircraft may be an al-Qaeda while she knew that the plane of groups Shiite and she was carrying a drug shipment to camouflage, and that the Saudi authorities have arrested some of the Shiites after the process, which incited the Shiites out demonstrations a few days ago, and that the Saudi authorities strongly criticized Scott (or cover) the U.S. administration on the issue of that plane and not addressed With it flew from Iraqi territory controlled aircraft in U.S. airspace makes it difficult to cross the plane, such as those without monitoring!!.
* Case is simply as follows:
The arms of your own intelligence the U.S. flag put Ahmed Chalabi and his group planned to assassinate the Saudi ambassador and some Bahraini officials by means of explosives in order to deliver a charge on al Qaeda and to be said that the assassination was in retaliation for the killing of Sheikh bin Laden because of the involvement of the administration Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in the killing of Sheikh Osama (ie, the same way and misrepresentation, which followed it for the assassination of Hariri),
The U.S. authorities have allowed to pass this plan and helped Chalabi to implement it not for a murder in the “El Cajon” led to expose the den, which was the mafia Chaldean Iraqis are using, they fell short, “the CIA of j any” for mute the details after that published in the media and went out for control,
Then, when that soured the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the Americans on the back of their support for Bahrain’s Shiites and their attempt to topple the king there, and after that worsened the relationship more on background lay the Saudis arrested on the plane sailing, I found the administration is forced to reveal the details of that process out of fear that declared Saudi Arabia before it,
Especially as the network that sent the plane sailing are the same that was planning to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to America, as America is concerned about the reputation of its clients Magi in Iraq, so identified the accused as the Iranians just did not speak for the group the Crusades and the group Iraqi Shiite!!!.
Will reveal the coming days that this network is the same used by Chalabi for the assassination of Hariri, and it is related to Michelle Aoun in Lebanon, and that Chalabi forged connections with since he was living in Lebanon, and is enough to look to the face of Entifadh Qanbar, the arm right for Ahmad Chalabi, even know he was one of the founders Walker prostitution that!!.
The day before the unfolding of the blind sighted that there Mjusya Jewish crusader alliance for the elimination of Islam does not even exclude the customer from the Muslims


One crimes of the Iranian regime that brought together the assassination of Bakhtiar

That brought together Bakhtiar
A lesson that brought together Bakhtiar law at the Sorbonne and volunteered in the French army during World War II, and became involved in the political life of Iran Bbehrjtha and prisons and arrived to the post of prime minister of Iran in the government formed by the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in ​​1979, such as the return of Ayatollah Khomeini and fled after the revolution to exile Optional in France, and subjected to assassination attempts, both miraculously survived, but he fell dead in the third multiple stab wounds to the chest killed him. … 1/4/4-17-2.htm


For more images of members of the Iranian people murdered by the mullahs’ regime in Iran
Do you think he was reluctant to carry out crimes against the Iraqi people
To forget the bombings against the convoy of Emir of Kuwait and the assassination attempt
And hijacking the Kuwaiti Jabriya
Mecca and bombings carried out by the customer with the Shiites of Iranian assets and hold Kuwaiti citizenship
And the assassination of Shiite religious elders at the hands of Shiites known
Do not forget that al-Khoei was assassinated by Shia
I, as well as the assassination of the religious authority, Abol-Musawi Isfahani
It has a Shiite clerics murder I reference
He was praying in the upper Hadra in Najaf
Mark’s father, Dr. Musa al-Musawi, author of the Shiites and the patch
Shirazi’s assassination reference by the Iranian intelligence
The Iranian journalist Nuri Zadeh for the news that al-Hakim was assassinated by the Iranian regime’s henchmen
Some pictures of murdered Iranian regime
After pressing the link
Wait for the descent images
Then Click on the images to enlarge



UN condemnation of the “plot” the assassination of Al-Jubeir

The United States accuses Iran of targeting the Saudi ambassador in Washington, Adel al-Jubeir (European – Archive)
General Assembly condemned the United Nations on Friday alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, Adel al-Jubeir, and approved by a large majority a draft resolution Saudi / American calls for Iran to cooperate in the investigation in this case.
And with the support of 106 States and the opposition of nine countries, with 40 abstentions, approved the draft decision on the conspiracy alleged by Washington accused Iranian intelligence Ptdberha, while Tehran vehemently denies any links to them.
The resolution stated that the General Assembly of the United Nations condemns the assassination plot aimed at the Saudi ambassador to the United States, and urges all States to take additional measures, including preventing that happening on the territory planning or financing terrorist acts similar.
The resolution called on Iran to cooperate with countries that seek to provide justice to all those who participated in the planning and support, organize and try to execute the plot against the Saudi ambassador in Washington.
The resolution also called on Member States of the United Nations “not to accommodate those who finance, plan, support or carry out similar acts of terrorism.”


Recognition of 4 people from the “Mahdi Army” to attack Saudi consulate
Added on: 21 – 11-2011

Crime Section officers threw Karachi Police arrested on 4 terrorists belonging to the outlawed Shiite group, who had been implicated in a grenade attack on the headquarters of the Saudi Consulate in Karachi.

The Director of the Karachi police chief of criminal investigations Farouk agents yesterday that his forces arrested 4 people for the attack on the Saudi Consulate and the Mosque (Hassan generous) – in May 2011 – after surrounding them in the area (Holiday Kah).

The agents said that both Zaki and Mohsen Kazemi and Mohammad Ali and Asif of us, had confessed to belonging to an organization (the Mahdi Army banned), although the eight who were detained by the security authorities last year were part of a terrorist cell were.

During questioning, admitted that the named Asif of us dwells in (Kelchen Iqbal) Karachi was their partner in the attack on the Saudi Consulate, formed the police and security unit attacked by Asif, who resisted shooting, but police hit him and arrested him and took him to the hospital suffering from severe wounds.

However, the issued reports received from Islam wiped reported that “Asif us,” died of his wounds after being transferred to a hospital “suite” port city of Karachi in the far southern Pakistan.

Mention that in the May 12, 2011 attacked a group of the Mahdi Army, the Shiite sectarian banned the Saudi Consulate threw two hand grenades on them.

After a few days the martyrdom of Hassan Al-Qahtani diplomatic attack on his car in Karachi, which was assigned to guard the security of the consulate.

Karachi police said that the Saudi diplomat Hassan Misfer Al-Qahtani was driving his car bearing diplomatic plates to the Department of Housing Defense Forces, near the coast of Karachi, when people open riding motorcycles shot him.
He was headed for a diplomatic consulate in Saudi Arabia from his home.

And the assassination of Abd al-Qahtani, after Saudi Arabia withdrew non-essential staff and families of diplomats.

And so far the attention by the Mahdi Army issued a statement claiming that the organization (to thank Jhencoa) is a banned Sunni Al-Qahtani who was killed in retaliation for the army’s involvement in the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Pakistani authorities have accused Iran of being behind the financial support of the Mahdi Army fighters and training to terrorist operations in the camps located in the city (then) Iranian


List of attacks on diplomatic missions in Iran

USA 1979
Kuwait 1987
Saudi 1987
Soviet Union 1988
Denmark 2006
Pakistan 2009
Pakistan 2010
UK 2011
Saudi 2016
Iran link of bombing French and USA in Kuwait 1983


– The occupation of the Saudi embassy in Tehran (1987):
After the events of the pilgrimage season in 1407, directly attacked a large group of Iranians, the headquarters of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and captured and detained Saudi diplomats inside, and then signed an attack on them by some groups, and the Saudi consul in Tehran Alireza Mohsen cruise among those who have been battered as coming from Dubai to Tehran, has led to assault him to his hairline fracture in the cornea after shattering his glasses by the assault, which summoned the subject decision of the doctors surgery, but the Revolutionary Guards took him out of the hospital before the operation by one hour, and Saqoh to prison for holding then in prison for twenty-four hours, then released after negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
The son was the Chargé d’affaires in Tehran for Saudi Arabia hit, which secured their transfer to the hospital.
He died a Saudi diplomats after being transferred to the Kingdom of wounds sustained.
Were shut down the Saudi embassy in Tehran by Revolutionary Guards, having removed the Saudi flag, and raise the Iranian flag instead.


6 – the shooting of Saudi Vice Consul in Karachi (1989):
Gunmen opened fire on a good age Deputy Saudi consul in Karachi 08/12/1988 AD, during his return to his home, was hit by two bullets which, while Okhtoth the rest of the bullets and then was transferred to Hospital Middle East in Karachi, where he underwent surgery to extract the bullets, The first, which broke his neck while the second penetrated his left ear, age was taken to Riyadh by a Saudi medical evacuation aircraft for treatment.


7 – the assassination of the Imam and Director Islamic Center in Brussels (1989):
Killed Abdullah Mohammed Qasim Ahdal Imam and Director Islamic Center in Brussels on 23/8/1409 AH, the crime had occurred at the time the Asr prayer, as he does wudoo ‘willingness to lead Muslims in prayer, and entered his office to finish some things and was himself ready for a meeting with a group of imams to discuss the affairs of these mosques, and entered upon the perpetrators and assassinated him from very close range with a pistol small silencer, which settled a bullet in his neck which led to his death, was with him at this moment the librarian place Salim Bahri, a Tunisian nationality, when he tried to escape Aocal bullet lodged in his head back.


Attack on the diplomatic mission in Iran, Saudi Arabia March (2011):
Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic mission was, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, after about 700 people attacked with stones, the Saudi consulate in Mashhad, north-west Iran.
21 – the assassination of a Saudi diplomat in Saudi Consulate in Karachi, May (2011):
Killed a Saudi diplomat in Saudi Consulate in Karachi, southern Pakistan, was shot dead, while he was in his car near the consulate, as announced by the source at the Saudi Embassy in Islamabad.


Security Council condemns the attack on the headquarters of the British embassy in Tehran

NEW YORK – (UPI): The UN Security Council condemned strongly Tuesday, the attack on the headquarters of the British embassy in Tehran, and called on Iranian authorities to protect property and diplomatic personnel.
The representative of Portugal said Felipe Morais Cabral, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council, said council members “condemned in the strongest terms the attacks on the United Kingdom’s embassy in Tehran,” which included the storm inside the headquarters of diplomatic, consular and causing damage.
The statement said Iran’s obligations under the agreements of international diplomacy and the Treaty of Vienna.
Cabral said that the members of the Security Council expressing “deep concern of these attacks,” and call the Iranian authorities to protect “the property and the diplomatic and consular staff” and to respect its obligations in this international field.
Hundreds of Iranian students who were demonstrating today to demand to cut ties with Britain, stormed the headquarters of the embassy in Tehran and took down the British flag and burned and waved the Iranian flag place, after the Guardian Council had ratified the decision of the Shura Council cut diplomatic relations with Britain.
Iranian precedents in violation of international conventions on the protection of embassies, such as the Vienna Convention
Dan the UN Security Council, in a statement obtained by the “Arab”, a copy of it, attack the embassies and consulates, diplomatic located in Syria, and damage to them, and the violation of the sanctity of correspondence diplomacy, as well as breach of the Vienna Convention of 1961, which obliges States to host the protection of diplomatic missions.

And include such conviction under silent procedure in the Security Council, which passed into the actual implementation of what has not contested any of the Member States on the conviction within twenty-four hours to reach a verdict.
Hit the Kuwaiti Consul in Tehran
Kuwait – agencies, Riyadh (Harmony):

Iranian Foreign Ministry expressed on Wednesday its deep regret for the incident, the assault against a Kuwaiti diplomat close to his country’s embassy in Tehran yesterday. Announced the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini start investigations on the details of the incident that led to call the Iranian ambassador to Kuwait had, to be delivered a formal protest note.

The third secretary at the Kuwait Embassy in Tehran Mohammad Al-Zoubi was attacked as he left the embassy after the end of office hours, at the hands of men came out of the car, while not interfering any of the Iranians who are guard in front of the building. Has prompted the attack Kuwaiti authorities demand of its diplomats in Iran overnight at the Embassy, ​​in case of any attack can be inflicted upon them, as quoted by “Al” Kuwaiti sources described Palmtalaah.
And the transfer of Zubi to the hospital for treatment, while Kuwait’s emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, the allocation of a private jet to transport him to his country Wednesday. Healing of the incident and called the Kuwaiti government to urgently review the details, also called the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the staff of the Iranian embassy.

Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry presented a strongly worded note of protest, I asked the Iranian authorities to clarify the matter, wondering about the feasibility of the task security around the headquarters of the embassy.
Surround the embassy

Quoted by “Al” diplomatic sources considered abuse as a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention which requires the protection of diplomats, as it refers to the lack of respect for diplomats who are just messengers. The sources also put a question mark over the security of Kuwaiti diplomats in general after the attack.

As the details of the assault incident, as quoted by “Al”, the Kuwaiti diplomat arrested assailants, and forced him to get out of his car before beaten beaten. Witnesses pointed out that the attackers belonged to the elements in Iran.

Sources told the newspaper that more than twenty armed men from the Iranian security surrounded the embassy for more than four hours, threatening dire consequences for all those who do not comply with their orders.


File crimes Shiites in Iraq / Kuwait / Lebanon and other
Iran and Al-Azhar scholars and Alhothin behind what is happening against the Salafis in Yemen

The demise of Iran by Arabs, God willing,

Date of Iran and the succession of defeats defeats human beings since the defeat of the Persians, the Koran, but since the birth of the Prophet

Required to Aadaalh international “criminal reference Kazem Haeri
Khamenei governor Bdrahh God / and the power to cancel the prayer and the legalization of homosexuality in men

Republic of Iran’s mullahs of terrorism and murder threaten to kill King Abdullah

Try is not the first Iranian to assassinate a Saudi official
Yousef Al-Hazza


Wednesday, October 12

Not the first time that under the Saudi diplomacy of this kind of crimes and the assassination attempt, and led a Saudi official’s “Corporation,” said the source Commenting on the involvement of Iranians in the attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington, “The views may be an Iranian directly involved in the assassination of Saudi diplomat Hassan al-Qahtani in Pakistan in mid-May / May.

Saudi ambassador to Washington, Adel al-Jubeir
Yousef Al-Hazza from Riyadh: A Saudi source said a senior terrorist activity will rise in the next phase, as a result of conflicts growing power in Iran, and the growing influence of the Revolutionary Guard, which controls more than 40% of the Iranian economy.
The source indicated that the killing of Saudi diplomat Hassan al-Qahtani, may be a creature of Iranian par excellence, “and Al-Qahtani was killed murder shot dead in his car in mid-May / May, near his office in Karachi. The source added, “Saudi Arabia believes that the Iranian moves in Kuwait and Bahrain, plus Iran’s tightening grip on the situation in Iraq and other countries in the region are only indicators of what will happen in the future.”
And transmits the source for diplomats “that Islamic countries a major such as Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as India, believes that the Iranian moves, especially at the denominational and sectarian mobilization, causing concern to these countries, especially as the movements of Tehran makes them even color, religious without any regard for common sense in charge of dealing with the situation political and security situation in the whole world. ”
Learned “Elaph” that efforts have been made to hold talks a Saudi-Iranian Pakistani-brokered by President Asif Ali Zardari, during his visit to Riyadh on the twentieth of July last, and quoted “Elaph” then Saudi sources, the main purpose of the visit is to inform the Saudi leadership on the results of his visit to Tehran.
Sources said that the outlook for successful visit “to a large extent in the melt the ice between Saudi Arabia and Iran.” They added that the Interior Minister Rehman King works in this regard as a special envoy of President Zardari, noting that he had visited Saudi Arabia recently, following a visit to Iran. However, these efforts were thwarted by divisions of Iran, were canceled, although welcomed by Riyadh.
And Saudi Arabia on Wednesday issued a statement condemning the process through which the Iranian planned and attempted assassination of its ambassador in the United States, and demanded the international community to fulfill its responsibilities in the face of these terrorist acts. Saudi Arabia considered that this attempt does not agree with the values ​​of human decency and morality, nor with the international norms and traditions.
And confirmed through a statement on the lips of an “official source” that the UK government appreciates the efforts undertaken by the U.S. authorities, which were the subject of follow-up of the Kingdom, in the detection of the assassination attempt, and that the Kingdom will continue its contacts and coordination with U.S. agencies concerned about the plot, described Baldnaih , are those who stand behind them.
The statement added: “It is also at the same time consider their part in the procedures and critical steps to be taken in this regard to stop these criminal acts, and to address the firm of any attempts to destabilize the Kingdom and the threat to its security and to spread sedition among its people.”
And seal the source statement called on “Arab and Islamic nations and the international community to undertake their responsibilities to these terrorist acts and attempts to threaten the stability of States and international peace and security.”
In the same context, the Gulf Cooperation Council condemned today’s Iranian plot to try to assassinate Adel al-Jubeir, Ambassador, stressed the Secretary General of the Council Abdul Latif Al Zayani that this failed attempt is a clear violation of the laws, conventions and international norms, and contrary to humanitarian principles.
Said Al Zayani, he was surprised the news following the announcement of the United States thwarted the plot despicable, not for anything, except for the fact that Iran, and it now stands, and experienced no harmony with the surrounding region as a result of interventions naked in the affairs of others and its international isolation, it was worth it to try to improve image to the world, and try to re-calculations on its relations with its regional and international levels, not to continue the confusion until you reach this limit.
The Secretary, “it seems that Iranian politicians still living in a dream to control and try to uniqueness and interference in the affairs of others, even if it was through a policy of physical liquidation, calling at the same time Iran to reconsider their on its relations with the outside, and making real policy is deceptive and variegated, ensure a peaceful coexistence and fruitful cooperation with the international surroundings, emphasizing that it will not happen unless Iran coup against the prevailing thought has on their relationship with the other in all aspects.

Revealed a conspiracy to Iran index fading influence in the region

Added on: 15 – 10-2011
She told the “Foreign Policy” of the link between the assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador to Washington and deal the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit?, Although the link between the two events may not seem immediately clear, but there is a significant relationship between the two events, the two twentieth Middle East on Tuesday, 11 October / October, the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel for the release of Gilad Shalit, and the arrest of a client belonging to the Iranian Quds Force, Mansour Erbabsear, which refers to the disappearance of Iranian influence in the region since the start of the Arab spring. Rarely reveals Iran’s involvement in terrorist acts clearly, as happened on Tuesday, when the Ministry of Justice, the U.S. condemns the minute details of the Iranian regime. The works of the Islamic Republic through a battalion of the Guards “Qods Force” on the implementation of the terrorist plans in the Arab countries without leaving any fingerprints condemned. But the evidence found in the records of telephone, wire transfers indicate that the elements of the security group, specifically the senior officers of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, were responsible for issuing clear orders and clear of masterminding the terrorist to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States Adel Al-Jubeir, in a Restaurants in Washington. The newspaper pointed out that it was detected in the past about the “Iranian involvement with the terrorist group Hamas,” especially when the Israeli Navy intercepted Iranian weapons shipments destined for Gaza. However, Iran’s role in the capture of Corporal Shalit by Hamas appears to be less pronounced, the paper refers to the negotiations for the release of Israeli soldier was arduous and long, brokered by German intelligence officials and Egyptian. In the decisive moments in the past, Iran had intervened by Khaled Meshaal, the Hamas leader abroad, to finish the deal. The motives of Tehran and fairly clear at that time: The best way for Iran to spread its influence in the heart of the Arab world is fanning the flames of the conflict with Israel, so any prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel will be channeled to the oil in a fire. But the Iranian influence on the external leadership of Hamas began to fade in recent times. Movement Hamas, based in Damascus, and found itself in an embarrassing situation, which is experiencing a revival of the state and popular protests against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Although the Syrians, particularly Sunni Muslims, have become an obvious target by the Alawite sect loyal to President Assad, the Mishal and his comrades were unable to support the system, although the Iranians told them to do so. Instead, while turning the situation to further crisis, began to open talks with Meshaal, the interim military government in Egypt on the transfer of the movement’s headquarters from Damascus to Cairo. It seems that the stability of Meshaal in Cairo, will be appropriate, since the revolution led to the acquisition of new Muslim Brotherhood influence in Egypt. As for the price, it is reconciliation with Abu Mazen, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and accept a prisoner exchange deal with Israel. Vtm announcement of the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah in Cairo in May / May. In mid-July, the transfer of Egyptian mediators another deal by Hamas, Israel to offer more, which led to the resumption of the negotiations that culminated on Tuesday to declare the prisoner exchange deal between the parties. The newspaper said the deal between Hamas and Israel is a victory for Hamas and the Egypt – Israel and the Shalit family, of course, but in reality is a blow to Iran. The deal indicates that the Iranians have lost control of one of the “proxy tools” to carry out terrorist plots in Egypt, Iran’s chief rival for influence in the Arab world. The other contender for Iran in the Arab world is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And the United States tend to suggest that the attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington was a terrorist plot to promote an Iranian attack on U.S. soil, but the Revolutionary Guards was clearly designed as an attempt to discredit Iran. The dish that the Islamic Republic has implemented a similar process in 1996 in “the Khobar Towers bombing by Hezbollah in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 U.S. troops on Saudi soil.” Contrary to the confident expectations, indicating that Iran will be the first beneficiary of the Arab spring, it seems that efforts to extend its influence in the heart of the Arab world tend to decline and disappear. Iran seems in trouble, they lose the Hamas and its ally Syria reeling, Turkey turned and turned against it. Since the Iranian regime finds itself in the corner, it is likely to explain the purpose behind the request of the Iranian Erbabsear implementation process quickly and before it is too late.


New dimensions in the case of money laundering: Kuwaitis involved in breaking the embargo on Iran

Added on: 15 – 10-2011

 Kuwait: a dangerous new facts came to light affecting the national security of Kuwait in the case of money laundering revealed by the «opinion» a few days ago, the most dangerous aspect is that the parties involved in suspicious transactions to cover activities related to weapons programs sensitive to Tehran.
The sources relevant for providing a new complaint the day before yesterday to the Attorney General concerning the suspicion of laundering funds worth $ 180 million, in cooperation with the Iranian and Russian parties, pointing out that the complaint «included evidence about the involvement of Kuwaiti parties in these processes».
The sources added that «the complaint is put in the hands of the judiciary details suspicion washing process», pointing out that «the money was used in the purchase and naval units in the interest of Iran internationally banned or covered by international sanctions».
In the details of the operation that used the umbrella company of Dubai-based shipping, tracking, in theory for a Kuwaiti company, while in practice contribute to an Iranian company listed on an international blacklist includes 317 companies accused of supporting Iran’s money laundering operations around the world. Has suspicious money transfer from Russia to Iran, and after the money was distributed across the Iranian company.
The sources pointed out that the issue of the $ 180 million were not the first, but there were many doubts about the operations were in the past, reinforced by correspondence between the parties to the case, which included an Iranian official and Chairman of the Kuwaiti company, in addition to the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the subsidiary a personal, non-Kuwaiti and is the godfather of many of laundering money through its relationship with an extensive network of figures Russian specialized in money laundering operations, pointing out that the Iranian side suggested moving the $ 180 million on payments at rates ranging from 10 to 15 million dollars at a time, until does not draw attention to the American operation, while the correspondence that came within the past mistakes led his company to the importance of internationally prohibited caution in such operations, and not to transfer money mistakes «one shot» to avoid falling into the American network of doubt.
The documents refer the case to the Chairman of the Kuwaiti company listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange owns 51 percent of the shipping company in Dubai while the rest have to contribute to an Iranian company, pointing out that he’s been using this company in completing many of the operations of money laundering.
And khat sources said that although the parties assured the Kuwaiti American destinations than once it had cut all ties Iranian side, after the U.S. warnings in this regard, but the Kuwaiti parties attempted to circumvent this, open the back door in Dubai and other countries in the Middle East.
The sources pointed out that the parties to the case of relationships between complex and complicated with the parties in Iran varied between the work of normal commercial and other internationally banned, and supply the Iranian side of the information Kuwaiti charge, to the directives of the Minister of former Kuwaiti enter the program Kuwait in the event passed the State of Kuwait in its nuclear program, and this another story.
In the details, he drew an Iranian official in one of the correspondence between him and the Kuwaiti party to consider the latter to he come to the attention of his country for an intention of Kuwait on the establishment of a nuclear program, and that his country is interested in contributing to this program, and then on the Kuwaiti party to investigate the details in this regard, the that the participation of the Iranian side in this regard through a company in the region, to which Iran with the Kuwaiti side in private.
Sources and notes that in order to facilitate the money laundering operations by the President of the Kuwaiti company paid bribes to think that the views which can be used in recycling some of these funds.

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